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"Happy Child = Happy Family"


The world has entered the age of the Industry 4.0. It is our children - our hopes and our future - who will propel us into the next industrial phase. The basis for progress consists of families and children using technology for beneficial endeavors as well as for their individual development and thus putting new technologies into the use of various industries.

At the Kids and Parents Fair we aim to introduce children to new technologies, making them realize that they can easily use age-appropriate products and thus benefit fully from the positive impact by choosing the right approaches and applications.


Technology companies’ participation to the Kids and Parents Fair and their product displays is imperative for our children’s introduction to new technologies. The importance for such companies is evident, as it allows them to evaluate children’s areas of interest, in particular their target customers and end users, and assess the effect of their products.


The Kids and Parents Fair will provide an environment where you can showcase your range of technological products in spacious areas, have your products tested onsite, demonstrate to customers that they can easily use and benefit from technology and overcome the prejudice that high technology comes with high prices. Here you can show the everyday suitability of your products and services to your very specific target audience.


You will also have the opportunity to see alternatives that may support your company’s products and services, and to naturally establish new business connections.