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"Happy Child = Happy Family"


It is a scientifically recognized fact that there is a strong correlation between health and happiness.

It is the priority of all parents to ensure that their children are healthy at all ages and they have a consistently high quality of life.


The first principle of the "Happy Child = Happy Family" equation is health…


Based on these facts, we welcome all businesses that provide products and services promoting healthy life and representing the health support industry.to the Kids and Parents Fair.


Showcasing your products and services endorsing healthy life and introducing them to conscientious visitors at the Kids and Parents Fair will on the one hand help you to promote your company and on the other hand allow you to collect your target customers’ opinions and suggestions directly, thus giving you valuable insights on the latest developments in your industry.


Within your specifically reserved area at the Kids and Parents Fair, you will find the opportunity to introduce the distinguishing features of your products and services, your innovative models and the novelties you have brought into the sector to your existing and potential customer bases. You will also find the chance to see alternatives that have the potential to support your products and services as well as to establish new business connections.