Turkey's only kids, parents, technology, it and education fair

Exhibition / General Information

"Happy Child = Happy Family"

Inspired by the enthusiasm in children’s sense of curiosity, the Kids and Parents Fair set out with the "Happy Child = Happy Family" equation, which represents the first year’s theme. Turkey’s first trade fair with the motto “children first” will be held at Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Convention Center from September 21 to 24, 2017.

Jointly organized by Goca Fairs and Messe Berlin, the Kids and Parents Fair puts emphasis on being “conscientious”: conscientious use of technology, conscientious nutrition, conscientious education, conscientious entertainment...


At the Kids and Parents Fair, children will gain a new perspective on technological life and find opportunities to satisfy their needs for discovery and experience, while their family members can take part or participate in other activities corresponding to their interests.


What Will Be Said? Throughout the fair, children will hear sentences that start with “Go on!”, “Touch!”, “Explore!” instead of “Stop!” and “Don’t Touch!” While children will revel in their freedom with various edutainment activities, families will have the chance to explore their interests and enjoy spending quality time with their children.


How Will It Be Said? With the concept of “edutainment”, a new generation approach that has taken its place among the 21st century children’s activity trends, kids will have the chance to learn while having fun. During simultaneous seminars parents will learn about the right perspective for child rearing. At Turkey’s only Kids and Parents Fair, participants will take a closer look at technology in life, innovative ideas, new generation homes, smart systems and new nutritional approaches based on old recipes. Through various presentations they will gain new perspectives on all these topics and many more.


Why Will It Be Said? In an ever-digitizing world, participants to the Kids and Parents Fair will witness the rapid change in every area and learn to cope with alterations by e.g. using technological help and assistance accessible to children. Setting high standards with their inclusive concept of new generation trade fairs, Goca Fairs aim at bolstering children’s happiness into their future.


To Whom It Will Be Said? To everyone who is willing to nurture curiosity and the sense of exploration, to learn about different topics and to experience at the same time; everyone wishing to create a world worthy of our children will meet at the Kids and Parents Fair at Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Convention Center on September 21-24, 2017.


Who Will Say It? One of Turkey’s leading trade fair organizers, Goca Fairs combined their expertise for the Kids and Parents Fair with Messe Berlin, one of Germany’s leading trade fair companies headquartered in Berlin, the world’s most popular destination for conventions. The first coorganized Kids and Parents Fair in Istanbul awaits all participants wanting to contribute to the theme "Happy Child = Happy Family". Furthermore all institutions and organizations working for children’s future, e.g. notably the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology as well as e.g. international and local companies in technology, R&D, education, health, security, edutainment, finance and insurance are friendly awaited to participate.


When Will It Be Said? If you have already started thinking about “how”, it means the point has been carried across. All the ideas and projects will be discussed from September 21 to 24, 2017.


Where Will It Be Said? The Kids and Parents Fair will be held at Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia Convention Center, situated within the Via Port Shopping and Entertainment Complex which has about 2 million monthly visitors. It is the first children and family oriented fair to take place on Istanbul’s Asian side.


The Kids and Parents Fair Corporate Identity Guideline can be downloaded in PDF.


Please click here to download the Corporate Identity Guideline: