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"Happy Child = Happy Family"


Parents spending more time with their children contribute to their happy childhood and influence children’s development measurably. The quality of shared experiences and collective activities, rather than the length of time spent, have an effect on various aspects of upbringing, from e.g. their character development to e.g. having a balanced psychology.

Families statistically spend approximately 3% of their income on cultural and entertainment activities. Nowadays, increasing numbers of working parents lead to the fact that children spend a significant part of their time with people other than their parents. With today’s technology entertainment is mainly understood as game playing on mobile devices or computers and game consoles, which thus result in more time spent individually. On the contrary parents need to enhance the connection with their children - they need to spend more time and have fun together.


At the Kids and Parents Fair, children will get lots of chances to socialize while having a good time with their families and friends. Moreover, families and children will be introduced to new entertainment models which will help children’s mental development and improve their intellectual capabilities while simultaneous having fun.


If you offer products and services that meet children's most basic needs in the area of entertainment and edutainment, showcasing at the Kids and Parents Fair will allow you to introduce your latest innovations to a wide audience of end users.


You will also find the chance to see alternatives that have the potential to support your products and services and hence to establish new business connections.