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"Happy Child = Happy Family"


Today, one of the biggest expenditures for parents - precisely voluntary expenditure - is the costs of education of their children.

In Turkey, 5.8% of the gross domestic product was spent on education in 2015. Educational expenditure, which was 79 billion TL in 2011, rose to 135 billion TL in 2015. This corresponded to $50 billion and $2,400-2,500 per student. 18.7% of parents’ expenditures consisted of educational expenditures.


Families supported their children’s education through various expenditures at all ages from preschool to higher education. By virtue of our cultural makeup, these expenditures are seen as a necessity, not a chore. Moreover, further emphasis is being put on preschool education by families and the government. The fact that expenditures in the aforementioned category increased 25.4% in 2015 compared to the previous year is a clear indication of this emphasis.


Companies involved in education, a crucial area for the future development of every generation, will have the chance to explain in detail how they can contribute to the improvement of future generations from their booths at the Kids and Parents Fair.


You will have children and families testing out the latest developments on making education entertaining as well as instructional and thus contributing to children’s development.


The education and educational tools industry - a $52 billion industry in 2012 - has a high growth potential due to Turkey’s young population. On that score it creates various business opportunities for the market launch and expansion of innovative alternative products and solutions. You will have the opportunity to see alternatives that could support your products and services, and to naturally establish new business connections.